XTC XTC: Their destiny was foreordained...

X & the Tarot

On each X tankoubon (japanese edition only), there is an image, on the inside of the dust jacket, of a tarot card featuring one of the characters. The tarot is much more than a way to tell fortunes, it's supposed to be a sort of guide to the soul's evolution, and each card represents a different state or archtype. Consecuently, it's possible to do an analysis of the characters according to which card they correspond to.

Click on each card to read its analysis. I'm sorry that there's so few actually done, but writting this takes awhile.

The Fool: Monou Saya The Magician: Shirou Kamui The High Priestess: Hinoto The Empress: Kanoe
The Emperor: Monou Kyougo The Hierophant: Aoki Seiichiro The Lovers: Monou Kotori The Chariot: Arisugawa Sorata Strenght: Nekoi Yuzuriha The Hermit: Yatouji Satsuki Wheel of Fortune: Kuzuki Kakyou
Justice: Kasumi Karen The Hanged Man: Sumeragi Subaru Death: Sakurazuka Seishirou Temperance: Kishuu Arashi The Devil: Kigai Yuuto The Tower: Magami Tohru & Magami Tokiko The Star: Shiyu Kusunagi
The Moon: Nataku The Sun: ? Judgement: ? The World: ?