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XTC is LINK FREE... however, if you do link me, I'd love to hear about it.
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  • Affiliates

    • Criminal Grace Very comprehensive, in-depth-site dedicated to Seishirou.

  • Other links

    • Rabi's X Page One of the oldest surviving X sites. A good source for general information, in addition to having translations of the earlier volumes.
    • Be With You CLAMP scanlations, including the more recent volumes of X. Sadly, chapters tend to be down sporadically.
    • I Hyu Translations of the unpublished Asuka chapters, and some of the X Character Files.
    • The Rabit's Tomb Site dedicated to the casualties of X. It's a very interesting concept.
    • Raw Shrine to Fuuma. It's a good read, even if I disagree with her take on Fuuma in some aspects. ^^.